Amber Fraley Author of Kansas GenExistential

"Suzie delivered a review quickly so I could include it for publicity ahead of my publication date; she exceeded my expectations and delivered a review far ahead of the deadline I requested. She is friendly and fair and will give you plenty of great quotes and feedback you can use for all your publicity needs. In my case, I was hoping for a few nice comments about my book Kansas GenExistential, but she wrote a review with real analysis and thoughtful consideration."

Marin Darmonkow Author of Art

"Suzie's review left me speechless. The positive tone of Suzie's honest opinion shows that she read between the lines of my inspirational children's book and perfectly grasped the idea I wanted to convey."

Allie Birdseye-Hannula Author of How to Talk to Porcupines

​"Working with Suzie was a true delight. Suzie's review of How to Talk to Porcupines: A Youth Worker's Communication Field Guide was genuine, well-written, and to the point. I appreciated the blend within the review that allowed space for simple pull quotes, too. I highly recommend working with Suzie for a powerful and honest book review.."

Dan Sugralinov Author of First of His Kind

"I was thrilled to receive a thorough book review. I appreciate the detailed and thoughtful critique that captures the essence of the story. I enjoy having my work evaluated and shared in such a respected forum".

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